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The hotel has a good location within a 5-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Train Station, guest rooms are also available for single travelers, foreign tourists, businessmen and offer 3 types of rooms. Of course, the whole building is equipped with Wi-Fi and a USB outlet is also attached. Capsule bed is a privacy type wooden capsule specification unusual in rural areas. In the vicinity of the hotel, there is Family Mart in front, fish folk and ramen restaurant on both sides. You can enjoy the Nikko Onsen at the hotel's public bath. Please relax with a hot spring tiredness of the day. Nikko with lots of rich nature and historic historic sites remaining. There are many attractive areas. Also, it is also the appeal of Nikko to show different expressions every season. Why not try discovering your favorite favorite with sunshine you can not go around.

対象期間  : 1月10日(火)~3月31日(金)※4月1日チェックアウト分まで
       : 4月1日(土)~6月30日(金)※7月1日チェックアウト分まで
​割引対象者 : すべての日本国内居住者(対象条件を全て満たす方のみ)

◆詳細につきましては公式HPをご覧下さい → いちご一会とちぎ旅公式ホームページ
◆公式サイトで予約&割引を受けるにはこちらをご確認下さい → 予約方法はコチラ












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